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Sarah comes from a background in multimedia journalism and scholarly research, recently joining Ebyline as the Content Manager. She graduated from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC and is a proud Trojan. Fight on!

Investigative reporting at the LA Times: 3 tips from the pros

Eye glass

The task of reporting an investigative story for the Los Angeles Times may have its share of adrenalin-rush ‘detective’ moments – going under cover in a coffee shop to watch a corrupt doctor prescribe narcotics to his patients; kayaking to…

How do freelance journalists use social media? The 30-second survey

Freelancer social platform membership Feature.png

Freelancers are of a split personality when it comes to social media: they crave the reach and personal branding available to them on these platforms but, let’s face it, reading a Twitter stream with 1,000 contributors seriously distracts from getting…

Secrets to becoming the next media disruptor from HuffPo CTO John Pavley

A newsroom - photo from Creative Commons

While traditional media outlets wring their hands and issue alarming reports about slipping ad dollars and loss of audience shares, web-based publications like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are not-so-quietly taking over as viral news sites and redefining the behavior…

LA Times for sale: three insiders on the newspaper’s future

Photo: Mr. Littlehand, Creative Commons

If daily newspapers were a poker tournament, this would be the late hour at which some smart-ass advises to “know when to hold em, know when to fold em.” Most of the old-time families packed up their chips years ago…

HuffPo’s Soni: “Web publishing is as important as good reporting”

AOL Huffington Post Jimmy Soni

Outside of managing roughly 400 newsroom staffers at the sixth most-trafficked U.S. news site, 27-year-old Jimmy Soni recently found time to publish a biography of ancient Roman politician Cato the Younger and has caught the attention of publications like Forbes…