Win up to $35,000 for your journalism idea

Ebyline 100% Contest

Ebyline and Editor & Publisher are pleased to announce the 100% Journalism Challenge spurring innovation and invention within journalism by offering up to $35,000 for projects that propose to cover a topic from start to finish, top to bottom, end to end.…

Journalism Innovation Looks Like This

E&P/Ebyline Innovation

We’re milking our recent poll with Editor & Publisher while we can. Previously we looked at what editors had to say about how their own jobs are changing and then about how they use freelancers. We also asked them to…

Building the Great Newspaper Paywall

newspaper paywall

The beleaguered newspaper industry has finally settled on a digital revenue strategy—the metered paywall—and now everyone’s pitching in to get it built. Paywalls have their critics, their boosters, more critics and then the critics-who-also-want-to-be-boosters. Time will tell who was right but we were curious to…

Numbers Don’t Lie: Venture Capital Not So Hot in LA

LA venture capital investment vs SF NY

After posting on Wednesday about the graphic portrayal of a startup boom in Los Angeles provided by Represent.LA’s mapping of the entrepreneurial landscape, Ebyline figured that a journalism-focused company should probably rely on facts, not anecdotes (although anecdotes make great ledes and kickers).
Here’s a…

RepresentLA Puts Ebyline on the Map

Startup Map Screenshot540

Ebyline’s on the map. Well, a map. Forbes contributor and Los Angeles tech scenester Tara Tiger Brown helped put together an interactive map of LA’s startup landscape. Where’s Ebyline? Easy to find—we’re all by our lonesomes up in Sherman Oaks, “the…