6 New Social Media Apps Brands Are Using To Reach Audiences

New Social Media Apps

New Social Media AppsSocial media apps have become a mainstay in marketing, but with 300 apps created every day, it’s not easy to know which ones are worth your time. To help you weed through the “App Amazon” we compiled a list of social media apps that small brands prefer to use in their marketing efforts.

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Why Brands Should Publish Content On LinkedIn

Why Brands Should Use LinkedIn

Why Brands Should Use LinkedInYou already write blog posts, manage your social media feeds and create email campaigns, but should brands add publishing content to LinkedIn to the to-do list?

LinkedIn rolled out a new blog-like publishing feature in February. Brands can create and publish content on their company pages and share it with their industry-specific audiences. Similar to other social media platforms, readers can “Like” the content and leave comments. Plus, the posts are archived on your company page and accessible at any time.

Gary Frisch, founder of Swordfish Communications, has embraced the new tool and says he can’t think of any downside to publishing on LinkedIn.

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Content Marketing: Why It Isn’t Forbidden Territory For Journalists

Content Marketing Isn't Forbidden Territory

Content Marketing Isn't Forbidden TerritoryAnother paper folds. Another round of layoffs. Another year without a raise. No matter how much journalists love their jobs, the state of the industry can be trying. It’s why so many freelancers have ended up behind closed doors, battling moral conundrums as they scout better-paying gigs over in the marketing world.

Content marketing is a step removed from traditional marketing. Rather than simply putting out a display ad and hoping customers bite, companies are creating and publishing content that has real value for the consumer. Whether it’s a weight loss company that puts out a magazine or a car company that runs a blog about the industry, the content is meant to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

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An Interview With Luke Kintigh Of iQ By Intel

Intel iQ Homepage

Intel iQ HomepageLuke Kintigh is a global content and media strategist at Intel, where he also served as founding managing editor of iQ by Intel. The tech culture magazine now possesses an audience of more than one million users per month and is a tremendous example of the power of content marketing. Chris Schumerth spoke with Luke on behalf of Ebyline to learn about Intel’s content marketing plans, the new wave of engagement metrics, and the future of traditional journalism. Be sure to follow Luke on Twitter here.

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5 Free Ways To Generate Publicity For Your Brand

Generate Publicity

Generate PublicityWant to generate some buzz about your brand? Who would say no to that? Well, look no further, because we found five ways to generate free publicity.

While all of these options are free to use, which is great for your bottom line, they can require a little time and manpower. But if you can spare a few hours, these options can get people talking about your brand.

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