Find The Topics You’re Missing To Turn Generic Themes Into Unique Content

Find Unique Topics

Find Unique TopicsIt’s tough to keep a steady stream of unique ideas pouring into your content feed. Writers’ block and topic oversaturation are some of a content creator’s worst enemies, and maintaining a steady publishing schedule can be demanding. However, there are some simple ways to find the holes in existing content and produce posts that will keep your pages fresh, interesting, and informative.

To start, take a list of seemingly generic ideas and mold them into unique content topics. How? We enlisted the help of two top-notch content managers, Kari DePhillips and Candice Landau, to learn how to fill in content voids. DePhillips owns The Content Factory, a digital PR agency that specializes in content marketing. Landau is the editor of Bplans, a resource site for entrepreneurs in any stage of business. Together we’ve come up with a guide to help you sculpt your generic ideas into more focused works of content art.

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How To Communicate Effectively With Your Team

Communicate With Your Team

Communicate With Your TeamWhether you have a small group housed in one central office or numerous employees scattered across the country, how can you communicate effectively with your team? To answer this question we asked two business owners in vastly different fields to break down their communication strategies.

They gave us a look at what makes a good leader, how to keep a meeting on task, and the best ways to engage employees one-on-one. Whether it’s to catch someone up to speed on a project or just delegate responsibilities, these communication skills are invaluable in the workplace.

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Brand Presence On Instagram: A Lesson From Starbucks

Starbucks Gets Artsy With Photos

Brands On Instagram: Lessons From StarbucksEvery brand has a story, and every social media platform is different. So how do you tell that story and tailor it to a channel like Instagram?

To find the answer, Ebyline turned to the one of the most successful brands on Instagram, Starbucks. With 2.5 million followers, they’re the second most popular brand on Instagram, and Starbucks has a true knack for telling its story on the visually appealing social media site (for those wondering who’s in first, Nike holds the top spot, according to Nitrogram, a company that tracks the top 150 brands on the Instagram).

We asked Starbucks to share a few of its storytelling tips to help us navigate the Instagram landscape.

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Brand Journalists: Going Corporate With Traditional Journalism

Why Companies Are Hiring Brand Journalists

Why Companies Are Hiring Brand Journalists

Brand journalists are increasingly popular in the content marketing world, but what’s the real deal behind this position? How can a brand journalist improve your marketing strategy?

We set out to get some answers. With the help of Ann Handley from MarketingProfs, a popular resource for online marketers, we broke down what brand journalists do and put together some examples of their work.

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Picking Shareable Images For Social Media: Shutterstock Shares Tips

This image earned more than 50,000 notes on Tumblr.

The Shutterstock Homepage

We’ve all heard “content is king,” and in the social media world imagery is no exception. But what kinds of images get the most attention? To help us solve the mystery, we turned to the visual experts at Shutterstock. Who better to help crack the shareable-image case than an online stock photo shop with 35 million images?

The Shutterstock social media team took a look at some of their most shareable images to help Ebyline figure out what elements make a photo share-worthy.

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