How To Deal With Late Payments on Freelance Gigs


If you’re a freelance writer, you’re also a small business owner. And that means you’ll deal with cash-flow issues. You not only have to be a journalist, but also director of receivables.Almost every article writer has horror stories about being…

Hitting a (Seemingly) Impossible Deadline


Having to write at Warp 9 speed for a tight deadline right after an event’s end is something any writer who covers sports, politics, breaking news and entertainment events (for reviews) will eventually face.
Creating content and typing at a…

From Print to Radio And Back Again: How to Start a Radio Show


Back in 1993, I had the semi-brilliant idea of channeling my longtime sportswriting expertise into a radio show.  It led me in directions I could not have foreseen.
Eighteen years later, the radio show, “Diamond Gems,” which began in January…

Tax Tips For Freelancers


When you become a freelancer, you enter an entirely new world divorced from the W-2 reporting system of income for staff employees.
Welcome to the 1099-form universe. This new realm of paperwork is not daunting if you prepare yourself properly.…

How to Pitch a Book (And Sell It Too)


It’s very cold out there.
The book-publishing environment is positively frigid, although not frozen solid by any means. You’ve probably heard the bad news. Borders, long the sick man of booksellers, declared bankruptcy and closed one-third of its stores. Overall book…