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Two Deduction Options For Writers Who Work From Home


The IRS wants to help freelance writers and other home-based business owners who take deductions for home offices. Freelancers now have the option to use new, simpler rules based on the size of their offices.…

Most Overlooked 2014 Tax Breaks For Freelance Writers


Being a freelance journalist comes with many specialized chores—marketing oneself and one’s work, schmoozing clients and pitching ideas—but perhaps none is more distasteful than the labyrinth of the self-employed tax return. Deductions, write-offs, expenses and the like are an afterthought…

Four Great Ways For Freelancers To Network

Freelancers Networking

As a freelancer, you have a lot of great skills. You can spot grammatical mistakes a mile away, turn creative copy in under a tight deadline and easily balance your happy-go-lucky customers with your major-hand-holding customers. While you’re conquering the…

A Recipe For Great User-Generated Content


The secret ingredient to any marketing recipe is a healthy dose of user-generated content. Like any quality dish, it takes some time to prepare, but if it’s done right you’ll attract new customers and boost sales.…

Four Types Of Content Your Company Needs

Web Traffic

Every company wants content that grabs an audience’s attention. You want the stop-what-you’re-doing-and-read-this kind of content. The kind of content that is easy to share on social media, generates buzz and drives website traffic. The question is, which types of…