About Dennis Nishi

Dennis has been a freelance writer and blogger for over 15 years, covering business and lifestyle topics for various publications, including the Wall Street Journal, NPR and the BBC World Service. He currently writes and illustrates for a syndicated career column in the Sunday Journal section of the Wall Street Journal. He has also fully produced radio segments for the WNYC program Studio 360 and done photography for Speakeasy, the WSJ.com entertainment blog.

Review: Olympus LS-20 sound/video recorder

Olympus LS-20 recorder

I’ve been anxious to try out the Olympus LS-20 digital recorder and was able to borrow one from a friend. It seems like a good reporting tool since having a video record of interviews can be useful when you need…

Initial Review: Roland R-26 Digital Recorder


I’ve been on the market for a more compact digital recorder that can use dynamic microphones. Dynamic mics like the Sennheiser MD46 are great for field interviews because they don’t pick up as much handling noise as a condenser mic…

How to Set up for a Live Skype Interview


I was recently asked to do a live Skype video interview to discuss one of my stories for a steaming web program. This is becoming a common practice by article writing services that want to get more multimedia mileage out…

Review: AP StyleGuard


As I’m typing this blog entry, StyleGuard is suggesting a few corrections. It’s reminding me, for example, that “colored” is a derogatory term (wrong context) and that I should fully spell out “Associated Press” in the first instance of use.…

3 Options for Backing Up Computer Files

thumb drive

Everybody has a story about computer failure. It’s an all consuming, blood-draining scramble to restore work from whatever backups that you may have cobbled together or a search for an insanely expensive hard drive recovery service. It’s not a pleasant…