What Happened To Google Authorship?

Google Logo

Why does Google Authorship look different? It’s not a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with your account, or the plugin, or the way you’ve worked through the somewhat confusing setup process. Instead, Google has voluntarily stripped down the feature, citing the…

Ebyline Kicks Off Improved Site With Free Seven Day Trial

IZEA Acquires Ebyline

What’s the purpose of your website? Is it sales-oriented, offering products or services? Is it the the home of a publication or other information base? Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or just bolster your current news offerings,…

The Lay Of The Land: Opportunities And Pay In Freelancing

Jennie Phipps of Freelance Success

Brands are beginning to create and promote helpful, relevant content on a large scale. American Express’s OPEN Forum and Target’s A Bullseye View are perfect examples of effective content marketing. But from a freelance journalist’s point of view, writing content…

Madison/Miles On Bringing Trade Mags Into The Digital Age

Bringing trade magazines into the digital world

If print media was slow to adapt to digital at the start, the last few years have seen a rush to try new models and bring the print experience into the mobile age: paywalls, memberships, responsive designs and new storytelling…

Keeping Up With Inbound Marketing: An Interview With HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe

Keeping Up With Inbound Marketing: An Interview With HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe

Online content continues to rapidly expand, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest research. So what are some of the strategies and tools that can help content marketers succeed today?
Ebyline turned to Mike Volpe, the…