Inbound Marketing Generates $3.4MM For A Surprising Candidate

Fisher Tank Company Generated $3.4MM in LeadsAre you in the market for an enormous, industrial capacity, steel septic tank? It’s an odd question, we know, but it was one Wisconsin-based marketing firm, Weidert Group, had to answer for a client. The company was tasked with building an inbound marketing strategy for Fisher Tank, a company that sells steel tanks to waste treatment facilities and other industries like bio diesel and oil refineries.

Since 1948,  Fisher Tank had sold its products primarily by cold calling or word of mouth, so the idea of bringing qualified leads to the sales team through inbound marketing was an appealing change to the existing strategy, says Frank Isca, senior inbound marketing consultant at Weidert Group. But that’s not to say there weren’t a few skeptics.

Could inbound marketing really help Fisher Tank sell their product to a niche audience?

Isca and his team believed it could. They started learning the steel tank business inside and out by talking to Fisher Tank customers and executives. They took that information and formed a four step process to help Fisher Tank attract new customers.

Website overhaul

For starters, Isca’s team revived the Fisher Tank website. With an updated design, improved navigation, and better visual appeal, the site was more attractive to visitors.

Prior to the redesign, the only way for potential customers to get in touch with Fisher Tank was through a “Contact Us” page, but Isca’s team added a “Request a Quote” button to the homepage to give customers more tailored options and Fisher Tank more leads.

Take a look at the before and after pictures of the site below:

The old Fisher Tank homepage

The old Fisher Tank site need a top-to-bottom revamp, from navigation options to color schemes.

Fisher Tank's New Page

After Weidert Group stepped in, this was the end result.

Establish a blog

In addition to boosting the site’s curb appeal, Isca’s team created The Think Tank Blog. A blog is an important piece in an inbound marketing strategy. As potential customers navigate your site, you can showcase your authority in the field with creative yet educational content.

“With Fisher, they truly are the experts who are living and breathing what they do every day. That makes the Fisher staff the best ones to write blog content because readers sense the authenticity,” Isca says. In the same vein as trade magazines, Fisher’s employee’s are one of its greatest assets. The steel tank business isn’t exactly a national conversation, so having some of the few industry experts share their knowledge is a huge leg up in terms of inbound marketing.

Downloadable content

With the site looking sharp and with top-notch content filling the blog, the next crucial piece of this marketing puzzle was to add downloadable content to the site. Visitors who wanted to download the content had to put in their contact information, which generated a nice list of potential clients for Fisher Tank. This is a strategy many businesses employ, and it’s a straightforward example of the tradeoff in inbound marketing, where both parties benefit.

Start a social media presence

Fisher Tank didn’t have a social media presence before the Weidert Group came along, but that all changed. Isca’s team helped the company set up social media channels and created optimized profile pages to bring in more traffic. Now the company can share content on LinkedIn, tweet about industry news, and engage customers through Facebook.

Fisher Tank Inbound Marketing Stats

Inbound marketing brought about a huge increase in Fisher’s online visibility.

Was the plan successful? As they say in Wisconsin, “You betcha.” In just 12 weeks, the Weidert-Fisher partnership led to a significant boost in Fisher’s business, translating inbound leads into sales. Take a look at the table to the right for the stats from the inbound marketing effort.

Weidert Group helped Fisher Tank turn their website into “a lead generating machine,” Isca says, who believes this case study is a good example of the benefits of inbound marketing. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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