is now offering free seven day trialsWhat’s the purpose of your website? Is it sales-oriented, offering products or services? Is it the the home of a publication or other information base? Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or just bolster your current news offerings, … "/>

Ebyline Kicks Off Improved Site With Free Seven Day Trial

Ebyline is now offering free seven day trialsWhat’s the purpose of your website? Is it sales-oriented, offering products or services? Is it the the home of a publication or other information base? Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or just bolster your current news offerings, partnering with Ebyline will solve your content needs.

Ebyline offers content solutions based on the principles of quality and efficiency. You want well-written, compelling content on your pages, and you want it as soon as possible. With the Ebyline system and our hand-picked, talented freelancers, you can have the best of both worlds. And as Ebyline expands its services, there’s no better time to take advantage of our competitive rates and outstanding journalism.

Meet Ebyline

Founded in 2009, Ebyline has more than five years of experience in the realm of content generation and native advertising. In that time, we’ve provided our services to hundreds of brands, including major clients like Allstate, Esurance, Intel, Dell, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Petco. We’ve even worked with major universities, like Pepperdine and Purdue, in addition to partnerships with well-known publications like Forbes and the LA Times.

Ebyline hosts a database of more than 2,000 freelance journalists, writers, photographers, and video producers, all individually reviewed and vetted prior to their acceptance into the talent pool. Most freelancers are veterans of the news industry and every one is held to exceptionally high journalistic standards.

Ebyline's Content Partners

A sample of the brands Ebyline has partnered with to provide high-quality content.

Why do you need content?

Building out a content library can be a huge boon to businesses and their marketing efforts, and Ebyline is especially useful for customers with blogs, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and other broadcast media. Whether you’re a brand or a publication, though, Ebyline will help you get the content you need to attract the customers and readers you want.

So why do you need content offerings? If you’re already a content provider, the answer is obvious. But if you’re a brand, the short answer is that it’s a tremendous marketing opportunity and an added value to your business. If you can create a content portfolio that consumers find valuable, they’ll come to your site. It might be through search results, social media sharing, or coverage of a niche market; well-conceived and executed content can be distributed on all of these channels. Plus, your content can stay live forever. Rather than spend your marketing budget on pay per click campaigns or social media marketing, content marketing often proves to be a sustainable, long-term source of traffic. You’ll educate customers and in turn, they’ll recognize you as an authority and strong source of information in your field.

Ebyline Content Creators

Getting started

How does it work? Ease of use is one of Ebyline’s greatest features. You can manage your content creation from start to finish through the easy-to-use interface, which gives you the ability to track your pitches, article progress, revisions, and more.

You don’t need experience as a journalist to build a newsroom. With Ebyline, you’ll already have one at your fingertips. The principle is “more content, less work.” You’ll build your own virtual news team with a network of talented freelancers that spans the globe. You can cover any topic you need; whether you’re looking for politics, technology, sports, lifestyle, or something completely different, Ebyline has you covered.

Workflow for Publishers

The easiest way to get started, once you have access to the Ebyline platform, is to post a request for an article. Freelancers will take on the stories you provide, or you can solicit ideas from the talent pool. Most clients find that their story proposals receive top quality pitches within 48 hours of posting their request.

Ebyline helps you manage your budget, too. Once you post your requirements for a story, journalists can bid on them, helping keep your costs in line without sacrificing content quality. You’ll be able to post as many story pitches as you want, so you can be sure your content needs, however broad or numerous, will be met.

Ebyline is also a payment solution. Part of the appeal of the freelance landscape is the freedom from overhead costs, and the accounting system at Ebyline makes this process even easier. You’ll have your entire payment history accessible at any time, and most importantly, Ebyline will automatically issue your writers annual 1099s and report them to local, state, and federal agencies, making taxes an easy task.

At the end of each week, you’ll pay for the content you commissioned over the past seven days. All payments are made via credit card, so you can rack up rewards points on your Visa, MasterCard, or Amex. All freelancers receive their payments through the Ebyline system via PayPal.

If you have any problems with the Ebyline platform, the team at the Help & Support Center is available 24/7 and typically responds to problems in less than an hour. In addition to this service, Ebyline also hosts an extensive troubleshooting and FAQ section of its site to help answer more run-of-the-mill questions.

Manage your editorial workflow with Ebyline

Leverage the News Desk

If you need a higher volume of content, we can also provide you with access to our in-house editorial team. This takes a step out of the regular content workflow and saves you time; we’ll handle editorial input on all of the work to make sure it’s specifically tailored to your content needs.

To start, you can tell Ebyline what topics our freelancers should address to support your content strategy and how often you’ll need that content. You’ll decide the parameters of the content, including length and format, as well as how many stories, videos, or infographics you’ll want on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you’ve made those choices and set your budget, you’ll be able to start producing the material you need.

If you need additional assistance with your articles or videos, Ebyline can handle that as well. We suggest that brands and companies with larger content needs opt for Ebyline’s Enterprise package, which provides a dedicated Content Strategist to help bolster your content offerings. In conjunction with our in-house editorial staff, you’ll have the freedom to develop a series, produce promotional videos, or create specialized content for your brand or publication.

Ebyline is built to provide you with the best content possible within your expected time frame. We’ve even started cutting speedbumps out of the publishing process. In fact, Ebyline and the content management platform Kapost recently announced an integrationthat further streamlines the publishing process. Publishers who use both platforms can now send content directly from Ebyline to Kapost, where it’s then ready for scheduling, publication, and data analysis. You’ll have your work live on your site in no time.

Ebyline gets to work

Try it for free

But sometimes it’s better to try it out for yourself, so why not take Ebyline for a test drive? Right now, we’re offering a week of free access to our platform and our entire pool of freelancers. You’ll be able to commission and pay for stories, solicit pitches, view freelancer profiles, and pay for the content with no strings attached. Once the trial ends, you can elect to continue your access to Ebyline on a month-to-month or yearly basis, or simply close your account.Ebyline Payment Plans

Ebyline offers two separate packages for access to its platform and newsroom. The Ebyline Plus account gives you unrestricted access to the freelancers, pitch board, and and content platform, all for $50 a month. Note that annual contracts reduce the monthly cost of membership. If you choose to pay a one-off annual fee, which is $420, your per-month cost is reduced to just $35 per month, a 30% savings.

If you have a larger content marketing strategy in mind, it’s best to opt in for the Enterprise program, which provides an individual Ebyline representative to help guide your content creation. This option comes at a monthly cost of $425.

Give it a shot

Maybe you need a press release, or an in-depth piece on a topic you don’t have time to research. Perhaps you’re looking for a steady flow of content you can publish, but you don’t want to deal with the hiring, oversight, payment issues, and other added costs of an independent freelancer or an in-house employee. Whatever your reason, Ebyline is your simple, affordable content solution.

But don’t take our word for it. Use the free weeklong trial to check out the platform, the services Ebyline offers, the quality of our freelancers, and how better content can improve your business.