Ebyline Freelancer Debra Atlas on Disappearing Glaciers

Most Americans have never visited Glacier National Park, which straddles northern Montana and southern Canada. Yet these beautiful ice-rock formations provide more than 65% of the world’s fresh water – for drinking, irrigation, and for hydroelectric power. The glaciers at Glacier National Park are disappearing faster than anywhere else in the world.”

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Ebyline Freelance Journalist Debra Atlas covers this and other stories on her blog Envirothink. We had the opportunity to ask Debra a few questions about her work and journalistic process.

How did environmental issues first grab your attention?

Early on as a journalist, I gravitated to environmentally-related stories. They fascinated me as it was an area I didn’t have a lot of knowledge or experience in. As my knowledge grew, I quickly saw how important these stories were for readers to learn about.


Visualizing changes in the environment was a vital element of this article. How did you coordinate which images to include and how do they contribute to your story?

I think that pictures make a story so I’m very particular in choosing which ones I use. I always look for photographs that stand out, that capture the reader right away. For instance, I used a “before” and “after” set of pictures, so to speak in this article, showing the indisputable graphic loss of glaciers that have occurred. They really bring the story home for the reader, which gives the story even more impact on the reader’s imagination.


What process do you go through to find the stories that can best convey your overall blog theme?

The process is varied. I scour numerous ezines, newsletters and news alerts I subscribe to daily. I’m also on a number of media lists so I’m often inundated with ideas for stories from there. I’m also on many social networking lists, including LinkedIn and Twitter, which seem to be my most fertile resources. All this takes a lot of time but the gems that fall out are worth it! My stories cover a wide range related to green and environmental issues, which is what my blog, Envirothink, is really about – to have readers think about the issues and better educate themselves.


debra atlas

An environmental journalist/columnist and professional blogger, Debra Atlas writes for many respected websites, including her own www.Envirothink.wordpress.com.


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