Content Marketing World 2013: Podcast Edition

CMW-LogoWhat’s a unique way to do content marketing at a content marketing summit? Ebyline chose to cover the first day’s networking reception (read: open bar) NPR style with a short podcast. Afi-Odelia Scruggs, an Ebyline freelancer and veteran of Chicago Public Radio, Marketplace and other programs, donned the headphones and armed herself with a shotgun mic to buttonhole attendees and find out what this year’s CMW was all about.

We wanted the diverse opinions and perspectives of marketers, content producers, publishers and experts. Whether or not you made it to Cleveland this week, we hope this podcast gives you some insight into what was said, what was learned and what content marketers are still wondering aloud.

Have a listen, spread the word and give us your thoughts on this year’s CMW and the future of content marketing.

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