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5 Simple Ways Quality Content Leads to Endless Rewards


Remember when hacks created content just to improve a site’s SEO? Yeah, that was a long time ago in internet years. Eventually, smart content marketers realized that they could get much more than website clicks out of their marketing. Instead of computer hacks they became real marketers that built trust, developed client fan bases, and actually sold things.

Reeling them in?

Creating bland SEO content is like going fishing and throwing back all the fish. You can work all day and still be hungry.

Now imagine the fish swimming right up to your hook and chomping down every time you cast a line.

Check out the bounce rate of an article that runs in circles talking about strange fish analogies. It doesn’t do you any good catching a click if it doesn’t lead anywhere useful.

Content marketing has an advantage that no other type of marketing has ever had. People request it. They search for it. Give them the good smelling bait and they will come back to your line every time. And they will bring their friends. Good content writers will create content that will drive sales for your business.

1. Get your customers to trust you and they will want more

It sounds so simple. Your mother trusts you. And you promote a business that provides a good product at a fair price. Why wouldn’t your audience trust   you?

Try approaching a stranger on the street and inviting them to have a beer with you in your home. Perfect deal. You’re a friendly person, free beer, etc. Seems like a win-win. But the average American will think you’re crazy. They don’t know you.

Add a few hours of talking to this person in casual conversation, and you have the formula for friendship- and incidentally the gist of the modern dating scene.

Whether you create corporate videos, infographics, blog posts, or a combination, you need to give something to your audience and trust that they will pay you back. The stronger your relationship with them, the easier it will be for them to trust you to solve their problem.


Try not to come across the wrong way

Just as in conversation, before you get someone to spill their guts to you, you have to do a little sharing of your own. A customer’s trust is not something they give away lightly, so it must be earned.

Obviously quality content your reader finds useful and/or interesting fits the bill for gaining their trust, but it does a little more if they stick around.

The more you give the reader what they need, the more they will look to you for help when they encounter a problem. If your product or service doesn’t allow you much to solve, the scourge of the net is always available- boredom. Whatever your business ends, keep your means interesting.

2. Get to know your customers and they’ll stick around.

Imagine you are at a networking event and a potential client is there. Someone you have wanted to work with for ages. Face matches the profile but one minor peculiarity- dressed in a business suit. You never thought of them as so conservative before, but now that you see them in the suit, you decide to approach them differently.

When you create content, you must be able to see your customer. And knowing their demographics isn’t going to cut it.

You should have a complete outlook on their day. The little things tell you more than you think.

·What time do they get up? (Are they likely to check their computer early on?)

·Are they morning people? (If they do check it, are they likely to love or hate what they read?)

·Do they skip breakfast or are they likely to make pancakes? (Are they in such a rush they are going to skim your content?)


Care in eating = care in reading

If you have trouble coming up with answers, run more analytics. No matter what your platform, there’s a tool out there to help you see who’s reading, when, how long they’re staying, how well they like what they see, and anything else you need to find out.

Start simple. What provokes them to comment? What do they share? When you have that down, start analyzing your page views. Do split tests. Without tracking, you have gone out and found the person you want and then ignored them. You will finish your story and no one will hear a word.

In addition to well setup analytics, you can also just ask your audience what they want by surveying your audience with tools such as Qualaroo and Survey Monkey.

But there’s more at your disposal than just analytics. Your readers can tell you directly. Approach them the right way and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn. Remember- people love to talk about themselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people were predictable?

Yes, it would be. You’d create this profile. You’d simply tell your customer what they wanted to hear and life would be a snap. Yet, sometimes the content you create is like a joke that no one laughs at. If you are not tracking your customer’s behavior you could be yucking it up all over the internet while everyone sits there stone faced, and you’d never know.

Tracking is on ongoing thing. Even if you find they love your content today, it might bore them tomorrow. People change.

In face-to-face conversations, you track your audience automatically. You know they’re not listening when they stopped nodding their head. They stop filling your pauses with an, ‘Okay’ or a simple, ‘Yeah.’

When you write content you can’t watch them nod or hear them ‘Okaying’ you, but you can track their response.

Look at Google. Google is one of the most well-known brands in the world. They went out and got everyone to pay attention to them. But that doesn’t sustain them. What maintains their popularity is the ability to listen to their customers and bend with them. Look at their SEO practices. When companies started keyword stuffing to rank higher in searches, Google changed their analytics. They listened when their customers wanted better search results. And they made it happen.

3. Turn your clients into heroes. Your organic traffic will skyrocket.

Humans are hard wired to help each other out. You hear someone has a problem and you want to fix it. That’s why it’s so hard to vent to a good friend. Instead of sympathy they want to give you a solution.

On the internet, people share information just in case someone has a problem.

The threshold to becoming a solution is making a few successful drops in the pond. With the right content and the right research, you should make contact. From there your customers will take it upon themselves to cut the venting short and offer a solution. Everyone likes to be the facilitator to good things. Giving your reader the chance to be useful to a friend gives them the warm tingly feeling and becomes self-sustaining.

So what is your role in this? Give your fans a channel to provide their solution through. Connect them to newcomers. Play matchmaker. It’s easier than it sounds. Maintain a great social media presence and your fans will dig into that instinct to aid others.


Every office (in NYC) has its hero…

Sometimes they need a reminder.

Even though we are hard wired for problem solving that doesn’t mean we always do it. It might be natural for you to get eight hours of sleep, but you definitely stay up later than you should sometimes.

So, how can you get your customers to remember their natural instincts? Remind them. Add a simple phrase like, “Do you know anyone who has this problem? Help them solve it. Share this with them.” When their friends thank them for the answers, they will thank you.

4. Less work. More growth.

A trustworthy company who listens to their customers does less work in the long run. There’s someone else watching what you do. They don’t participate like your customer, and you don’t promote to them directly. Other businesses can give you a leg up if they see success.

There are plenty of B2B opportunities that will help maximize the efficiency of a particular aspect of your company. The internet is the rabbit’s hole of business that opens infinitely down every avenue. No matter your area of expertise- writing, SEO, graphic design, web design, video, sales- you will find someone better. And you will find someone that can add to your work and improve your business as a whole. That person may only be accessible to you if you do the work ahead of time to craft great content and build a solid base.

Attracting other compatible businesses also helps you to network, generate a new audience, share successful strategies, and cross promote. You may never consider another company while you are busy growing your own, but a viable company is always being watched by a potential partner.

5. You need more than attention. You need an audience.

Have you ever answered the phone and the person on the other end shouted some attention-needy phrase like, “ARE YOU READY TO SAVE MONEY TODAY?”

You hang up immediately.

Focusing on SEO instead of quality turns you into that telemarketer—the worst kind of telemarketer.You become the telemarketer who just wants attention, but forgets why they called.

Now, compare this to the person who clicks on your website and reads the same keyword repeatedly in a paragraph. They want information. You give them none. You want a customer. You get a few seconds of attention. It ends there.

Combining SEO and quality content allows you to get attention and an audience. To accomplish both, you need to prioritize. Ignore what you think comes first. They search for answers first and click on your website. Skip ahead. Your priority is what they do with your website. Do they linger and read? Follow? Share?

Consider these scenarios:

Scenario #1: You ignore SEO. You pour everything into your content. One person, one day clicks on your website and enjoys it. They share it with their 200 friends on Facebook. Four of those friends check it out and share it with their 200 friends. Eventually, you would have ten or fifteen visitors who will continue to follow and share your content. It will take time, but your site will grow.

Scenario #2: Your SEO brings hundreds of visitors a day. Your content is nonsense. All of your visitors immediately click away. End of story.

Scenario #3: You put a lot of effort into your content, but keep an eye on SEO. You get fifty organic search clicks per day. Fifteen of those people share your content with their 200 Facebook friends. You reach the same place as scenario #1—only faster.

When you look at all of these tips, you see that the answer is always the simple one. Be honest. Pay attention to the other person. Use what comes naturally to grow. Prioritize quality. Treat your customers like you would treat them if they walked into your store or you were taking them out for a drink. Content is a conversation. If you want to be effective, listen as much as you talk.

Has your content rewarded you in endless ways? Do you find that great content makes your job easier? Do you know someone that this post could help? Share it.

About Allen Narcisse

Allen is co-founder of Ebyline, a software company that makes quality content easy for publishers and brands. Follow Allen on Twitter.