With just over two weeks left to enter the

Infographic: Journalism’s death and rebirth in 60 seconds

With just over two weeks left to enter the Ebyline/E&P 100% Journalism Challenge we put together a quick visual primer on how far the journalism world fell and how far it’s come back in recent years. (We’re giving away $35,000 to spend on your journalism idea, case you hadn’t heard.)

The competition is all about spurring innovation by asking for ideas on how to cover 100% of the topic that interests you using freelance journalists. The contest is open to all—newsrooms, freelancers, journalism students—and entries are due by Oct. 12.

The idea for this graphic came from the copious, and copiously available, amounts of data now being produced and disseminated about the news industry, the broader media and the businesses behind them, including some of the analysis we’ve done right here about journalist salaries, adoption of newspaper paywalls and trends in newsroom practices. Also, we just like turning spreadsheets into graphics. We hope it gets your creative journalism juices flowing.

Journalism's Death and Rebirth in 60 Seconds