How Much Do Editors Make? A New Salary Report May Surprise You

Ever wonder how much your editor is making? Folio Magazine wondered the same thing, and commissioned a survey of almost 500 people on editorial staffs and found that pay rates were actually rising for some editors.

“While all levels of editors are finding themselves with increasing responsibilities and decreasing resources, at least some of those surveyed are seeing relief in their paychecks. However, the editorial categories that experienced monetary gain are certainly earning their dollars.”

Editors reported that they had gained many more responsibilities other than circling typos with a red pen (many reminiscing being a freelance writer). Now editors are in charge of developing iPad issues, blog posts, and video content for the web. Editors have now taken a turn toward the multimedia realm.

For an insight into this salary survey, here are some of the results of what editors are making today:

Editorial Director/Editor in Chief

Editor/Executive Editor

Managing Editor / Senior Editor

What do you think of these salaries? Do they seem consistent with the editors in your areas? Let us know in the comments!

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