Report: How Do Freelancers Diversify Their Income?

Last week, we presented a report by Kelly James- Enger of Dollars and Deadlines who reported on the different ways freelancers make their money. Most were writing for the web and and consumer magazines, while others were blogging and freelancing for newspapers. This week James-Enger investigated freelancers’ sources of income outside of their writing work. She found that many freelance writers perform many different tasks on the side to make ends meet. Here are a couple of the non-traditional sources of income for freelancers:

  • teaching online writing classes
  • proofreading/copy editing
  • public relations
  • translation/research
  • project management
  • articles for educational publishers
  • market research reports

To find out the rest of the list of freelancers’ sources of income, visit Dollars and Deadlines.

What other ways to you supplement your freelance writing income? Let us know in the comments.

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