Writers Release “Singles” Through Byliner, 5 Tips for Live Tweeting, the Dangers of “Comfort Journalism”

For today’s roundup of top media and journalism stories, we have an analysis of the new “single” book publisher Byliner, and a few tips on how to Tweet better. We also have a look at 25 publishers under 35 years old as well as a warning against the proliferation of “comfort news.”

It’s all the news fit to blog on Ebyline’s Daily Dose:

Byliner Launches With A Splash, Aims To Disrupt Long-Form Journalism

“Let’s be clear: I took this meeting purely as a favor to a friend. I went into the meeting expecting another ill-thought-out nouveau vanity publishing platform. I came out of the meeting wanting to write a Byliner single.”

5 Tips To Help You Live Tweet A Speech

“Live tweeting is quickly becoming a favorite way for news organizations and web content writers to cover speeches and other events. It allows people at their desks in an office environment to follow an event without having to turn on a livestream or a TV. With college commencement season around the corner, here are some tips to help you live tweet like a pro!”


Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president at Knight Foundation, delivered this talk on April 7, 2011, to more than 300 parents, students and faculty at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Nebraska.  He discussed the excitement and fears of journalists in the age of digital news and the proliferation of ‘comfort news.’”

25 Under 35

“They are young enough to have giant Homer Simpson cardboard cutouts in their cubicles, energetic enough to work long hours without Red Bull, and savvy enough to start not one but three newspapers in the midst of a historic downturn.”

‘Malled’ reveals hardships of retail employees

“At age 50, Caitlin Kelly started working as a sales clerk at The North Face, at a company-owned shop at a mall near New York City. She had lost a salaried job at the New York Daily News. But as a successful freelance writer, she felt burned out by the constant pitching of stories and the lousy pay for those stories… Kelly remained on the job at The North Face for more than two years. Disillusionment crept up, then downright dissatisfaction. She decided to write a book.”



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