Can Online Ever Generate More Revenue Than Print? Does Twitter Need an Editor? Where Does Your News Come From?

For today’s media and journalism roundup, we have some new hires at Patch and Thomson Reuters. We also have some media analysis that examines how print and online revenue have evolved, and a study by that investigates where our news comes from.

It’s all the news fit to blog at EByline’s Daily Dose.

Twitter does not need an editor, just time to evolve

“Are tragic movie deaths considered newsworthy? What about Twitter users’ penchant to Rise and Grind? Social media has blurred the boundaries of traditional news organizations by allowing journalists and taste-makers to patch into a daily conversation around trends.”

Impoco named Thomson Reuters Digital executive editor

“Editor-in-chief Steve Adler’s memo on the appointment says “Jim Impoco, whose reinvention of The New York Times Sunday Business section won acclaim, will apply the same skills to building readership at as well as on new digital platforms.””

AOL’s Patch Adding 8,000 Bloggers in ‘Full-On Course Correction’

Arianna Huffington must not be taking that class action lawsuit against her too seriously. Not only is AOL’s new content chief not cutting down on the use of unpaid bloggers, she’s doubling down — literally. Patch, AOL’s network of hyperlocal news sites, is trying to recruit as many as 8,000 bloggers in the next eight days, according to editor in chief Brian Farnham.”’s Breaking News traces info to its source

“There are some news events whose coverage is planned far — far, far — in advance of the events themselves. Those are exceptions, though: Most of the time, news is unscripted and unpredictable — breaking, appropriately enough, through the fabric of daily routine…”

Infographic: How Print Vs. Online News Consumption Compares

“Can online news revenue ever come close to print revenue?Scout Analytics looked at the differences in user behavior in print and online and came to a pessimistic conclusion—that both the time spent consuming and money earned from online news will never come close to that of print news.”

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