Is @ACarvin the First Twitter Anchor? Is NYT’s Paywall Model Like NPR + Spot.Us? When is the Best Time to Tweet?

Andy Carvin by Docseals via Flickr

Today, we’ve compiled some interesting and debate-worthy topics from across the internet. Spot.Us founder David Cohn digs deeper into the New York Times paywall discussion and Neiman Labs has the real story behind what and when we tweet. Technosociology discusses NPR’s Andy Carvin and explores the creation of a new type of news anchor who reports only via Twitter.


It’s all the news fit to blog at Ebyline’s Daily Dose:

David Cohn: Why the New York Times’ Pay Model is Similar to NPR and Spot.Us
“There has been much opining about the New York Times pay wall that went up this week. I was quoted in a Neiman Lab post on the topic; I wrote about it for the Reynolds Journalism Institute, where I’m currently a fellow; and I was a guest on WNPR, an NPR station in Connecticut, to discuss the topic with other news professionals.”

Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy

“Tweet more, and embrace the weekends. That’s according to Dan Zarrella, a social media researcher (with 33,000 followers himself). Zarrella works for HubSpot, mining data on hundreds of millions of tweets, blog posts, and email newsletters to help marketers find trends. News organization should pay attention, too.”

Twitter and the Anti-Playstation Effect on War Coverage

“As I follow the remarkable political transformations ongoing in the Middle East and North Africa through social media, I’m struck by the depth of the difference between news curation and anchoring on Twitter versus Television.”

Census data available to IRE members

“As journalists gear up for the second release of data from the 2010 Census, members of Investigative Reporters and Editors will be able to download data ready for analysis thanks to USA TODAY.”

Nashville Scene Accidentally Posts First Draft of Theater Review, Critics Charge Racism

“Nashville Scene accidentally posted a draft version of a theater review on its website, which included portions that some readers found racist


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