Want To Improve Audience Retention? Create Brand Videos

Want to Improve Audience Retention? Create VideosVideos are memorable, no question about it. After all, who doesn’t remember the Gangnam Style video? The catchy tune and matching dance moves made it a viral hit. Today, the video has 2.1 billion hits. (Yes, billion with a ‘b’). Super Bowl ads, cat videos – let’s face it – people love video.

More and more brands are jumping on board the video train. Why? Videos can improve audience retention. Brands are always looking for ways to create and maintain customer loyalty, says Justin Kerby, the co-founder of marketing company CAVE Social. One of the best ways to do that is through branded videos.

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Use Social Media Contests To Bring In User-Generated Content

Social Media Contests That Bring in User-Generated Conten

Now more than ever, brands are reaping big rewards by hosting social media contests. Contests build buzz, get fans engaged, establish a rapport and – if done correctly – can result in user-generated content that be used in future marketing … [Continue reading]

Shifting Content Trends To Embrace In 2015

Content Trends For 2015

As the end of 2014 draws near, content marketers everywhere are reviewing the past year’s strategies and making plans for next year. Content marketing is a rapidly evolving field, which means marketers have to be ready for shifting trends in … [Continue reading]

Transparency In Marketing Also Applies To Snail Mail, AT&T

ATT Envelope 600X

AT&T is pretending to by my neighbor. My helpful neighbor, in fact, who is very much in tune with fluctuating telecom prices and packages. And as a helpful neighbor, friend, or perhaps even relative, AT&T was kind enough to let me know in … [Continue reading]

Brands Are Rolling Out Holiday Marketing And Social Is Key

Holiday Marketing

With stores gearing up for the holiday shopping season, marketing campaigns are in full swing. For most retail businesses, the season is a financial windfall, and there’s plenty of revenue for the taking. Shoppers are projected to spend an average of … [Continue reading]