Content Marketer Holly Rollins On Psychographics And Audience Discovery

10-x Audience 640x.jpgAre you shaping your brand’s content to your customers’ needs? To send the right message, it’s important to know who your consumers are and what about their lifestyles you can offer new or helpful information on. Ebyline spoke with Holly Rollins, president of 10-x Group, a content marketing and public relations company based in Greenville, South Carolina. Holly gave us some insight into her firm helps clients categorize customers with an eye toward content as well as how psychographics, the study of personality, can aid brands in reaching their audience. See what she had to say to make sure your content marketing is on target.

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Building a Content Portfolio: An Interview with Empower Group’s Kevin Dugan

Kevin Dugan Wrenches

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King Fish Media’s Gordon Plutsky On Achieving Content Marketing Success


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Are You A Content Risk Taker? These Brands Are


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What Brands Can Learn from A Funeral Director


Caleb Wilde isn’t exactly who you think of when you hear the words “funeral director.” The 32-year-old, a student in a master’s program on “Death, Religion and Culture,” has an extremely active presence on social media. He has a blog – “Confessions … [Continue reading]