Everything You Should Know About Google My Business

Google My BusinessHow do you create brand recognition? Your answer probably involves a list of techniques that range from native advertising to social media promotions, but there’s one tool in the digital world that marketers are hailing as the new wave of online brand recognition: Google My Business. [Continue reading]

Native Advertising: What It Is And What It Looks Like

Native Advertising Examples

Native advertising remains a confusing term for many marketers, making it more of a buzzword than an actual marketing tactic. According to Copyblogger, 49 percent of brands and advertisers don’t know or understand what native advertising is. But … [Continue reading]

4 Of The Biggest Big Brand Blunders On Social Media

Big Brand Social Media Mistakes

Whether you’re a company of one or one hundred, managing your social media reputation is an important part of daily upkeep. From the old faithful sites of Facebook and Twitter to newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram, there’s a lot to of outbound … [Continue reading]

Build Compelling Content Pages With These WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Earlier this year we visited some of the essential WordPress plugins every publisher should use. But with thousands of add-ons available for your publishing platform, the features we selected were just the tip of the iceberg. This time around we’re … [Continue reading]

7 Ways To Build Better Editor-Freelancer Relationships

Building Better Relationships

As an editor, you want to distribute assignments, receive quality work on schedule, and keep your content stream flowing. To stay on track, you'll want to find freelancers who can provide exactly what you need. While this may not appear challenging … [Continue reading]