King Fish Media’s Gordon Plutsky On Achieving Content Marketing Success


Gordon Plutsky is the chief marketing officer at King Fish Media, based in Boston, Mass. When he’s not strategizing with clients, you might find him writing for the King Fish blog or firing off a few tweets. After all, he has a reputation to uphold: Social Media Marketing Magazine ranked him one of the top CMOs to follow on Twitter. While he’s not in the office, Plutsky also teaches marketing courses at Endicott College in his capacity as an adjunct professor.
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Are You A Content Risk Taker? These Brands Are


Are you willing to fail? Content marketing can be more dangerous than you believe. Failure doesn't just mean that page views or user engagement numbers decline. It's easier than you think to hurt your brand with tasteless or offensive content. But … [Continue reading]

What Brands Can Learn from A Funeral Director


Caleb Wilde isn’t exactly who you think of when you hear the words “funeral director.” The 32-year-old, a student in a master’s program on “Death, Religion and Culture,” has an extremely active presence on social media. He has a blog – “Confessions … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Revision ‘Purgatory’: How To Ask Freelancers For Content Fixes With Finesse


Approaching a freelancer with revisions can be a sensitive subject. But if you know how to do it right, the rewards are worth the effort. By nature, writers are attached to their work and may get a little defensive when asked to make changes. … [Continue reading]

How The 5 Biggest Retailers Do Content


"What should I create?" is maybe the most-asked question in content marketing. Unlike traditional advertising or legacy media where limited channels (television, magazine pages, billboards) defined the content that brands could produce (30-second … [Continue reading]